Are you pregnant? things to know

It is important that you have safe pregnancy experience without any complications in this most awaited and beautiful stage of a woman’s life. You must follow and adhere to all the safety measures including your diet, activities and taking care of your body. Here are some important things to watch out for during your pregnancy.

  • Confirming you are pregnant: Beware of false pregnancy alarms! Such symptoms may lead to confusion. Understanding true signs that indicate you are pregnant is important. Confirm using the home based urine test kits available at leading medical stores or get a pregnancy test done by a doctor.
  • Prenatal care: It is important to make sure whether the pregnancy will be healthy and shall not have any complications. Hence, many couples visit a doctor before planning. However, once confirmed, you should visit your doctor regularly to know the health of the fetus.
  • Know your Family Medical History: It is important to understand if there is any family history about abnormal pregnancies. You may want to discuss with your mother or grandmother about their experience. Also, to understand about genetic problems is necessary
  • Know your Gestational Age: Pregnancy consists of 3 phases, 1st, 2nd & 3rd Trimesters. Your body undergoes several hormonal, physiological and metabolic changes during each phase. These changes needs to be monitored. Also it is important to make a note of your delivery due date which can take place anytime between 37 – 42 weeks under normal circumstances.
  • Bleeding during Pregnancy: In a few instances there can be bleeding or spotting during initial stages of pregnancy which is sometimes confused with menstrual bleeding. It can be implantation bleeding. It can be best differentiated by its color which is usually brown or pink instead of normal red color of your menstrual blood. It is always advisable to consult your doctor in case of any doubts.
  • Gaining weight is normal: It is necessary that the fetus gets all important nutrients to grow and have a healthy development. You should eat right and not worry about weight gain if you are not already obese or overweight.
  • Eat Right: Diet and nutrition are the most vital terms for a healthy pregnancy. Vitamins and health supplements are advisable along with wholesome, nutritious and balanced diet. Absolute NO NO to alcohol and tobacco/smoking.
  • Walking & Exercise: Along with a right diet, walking and right exercise shall help to strengthen the body muscles for enduring pains during pregnancy and labour. Exercise shall help you to stay healthy and active.
  • Managing discomforts during pregnancy: Morning sickness, vomiting, constipation etc are most unwelcomed during pregnancy. However, they are a part of your pregnancy and have to be accepted to reduce your anxiety.
  • Travelling during pregnancy: You should consult your doctor and be aware about any hazards or complications you might face while travelling.
  • Labor Pain: Consult your doctor to understand about getting into labour and how to handle it. One most prominent sign of labour is frequent contractions that increases in duration as well as intensity. Many times walking is recommended during early labour to make you comfortable.