Embryo, Egg and Sperm donation (IVF)

Egg Donation

The egg or ovum donation is the process by which the ovum of a healthy woman, who is the egg donor, is collected and it is fertilized with the sperms of the woman’s husband and the resulting embryo will be implanted into the uterus of the woman. By this process the couple will be gifted with the parenthood and it gives the woman, the joy of being pregnant.

The procedure

The procedure for donation of egg will usually start with the donor selection. The selected donor will be anonymous usually and the selection process will undergo some series of genetic screenings and tests. The ovaries of donor will get stimulated by the stimulation regimen to produce eggs. These eggs will be retrieved and will be fertilized and thus the embryos are cultured and at last, the embryo will good health will be transferred to patient’s uterus.

Who does it help?

  • Woman with low quantity and quality of eggs.
  • Woman who has ovarian failure or other problems in their reproductive system.
  • Not enough response in the IVF treatments.
  • Woman who don’t want their genetic diseases to be passed to their kids.

Embryo Adoption (Donor Embryo Transfer)

Some couples will be having severity in sperms and egg factors. If the couple is not successful with the self gametes or if they want to adopt a donor egg or donor sperm, then this can be done to the couples and this is rightly called as the Embryo Adoption.

By this procedure, the eggs of an anonymous donor will be fertilized with the sperms of the anonymous donor and the resultant embryos will be implanted into the uterus of the intending woman’s womb at right time. The chances of pregnancy will be ensured by this process. But the couple should understand that their child will not be a genetic offspring, but just their biological kid. These couples are usually requested to go for a counseling session before the treatment, to make them mentally ready to accept the fact.

Sperm donation

The sperms donation is a process in which the sperms will be donated to the couples if they were unsuccessful in retrieving the sperms in natural or in any surgical ways. The donated sperms will be used to inseminate the woman or simply to fertilize her eggs through IVF treatment. And it is obvious that the couple should go for a counseling session before the treatment.

Fresh donors or known donors’ sperms should not be used ever.