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Dr. Sanjeev

Dr. Sanjeev

Expert Anesthesiologist

Procedures and Conditions

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Anesthesia procedures

Anesthesia procedures have a range of techniques and practices to induce controlled unconsciousness or sedation in patients undergoing surgical procedures.

Central neuraxial block

This technique involves the precise placement of anaesthetic agents near the central nervous system, particularly the spinal cord and its surrounding structures.

Combined spinal + epidural Anesthesia

CSEA is a specialized technique that merges the rapid onset of spinal anesthesia with the continuous pain management of an epidural.

Conscious Sedation with intubation

This method involves the use of a breathing tube (intubation) in combination with sedation to keep the airway clear and allow for controlled ventilation.

Conscious Sedation with supraglottic devices

A technique used to ensure patient comfort and pain control while maintaining a level of consciousness for safe monitoring and cooperation.

D - G

Epidural anesthesia

It’s a widely used medical procedure that involves injecting a local anesthetic into the epidural space surrounding the spinal cord, resulting in effective pain relief.

General anesthesia

It is a medical state in which a patient is unconscious and completely unaware during surgery. In this state, the nervous system is effectively numbed, ensuring the patient feels no pain and remains oblivious.

H - P

Local blocks

These are a form of anesthesia commonly used to numb a specific area of the body. It involves the injection of a local anesthetic directly into the targeted region, resulting in temporary loss of sensation in that area.

Peri operative pain management

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Post operative HDU Care

HDU care refers to patients who have undergone major surgery, and require close observation and intensive care during the initial recovery period. It includes monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, etc.

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Spinal anesthesia

A procedure that involves injecting a local anesthetic directly into the spinal fluid, providing complete pain relief and numbness of the body.

Total intravenous

TIVA is a method of administering anesthesia during surgical procedures entirely through intravenous injections and maintain a state of unconsciousness and pain relief.

Transverse abdominal perineal block

This method blocks the sensations in the transverse abdominal muscles, It helps reduce pain during abdominal surgeries and cesarean sections.

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