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Mayflower Institute of Medical Sciences is the research and education division of Mayflower Women’s Hospital, recognized by Gujarat University.

Enhance Your Medical Expertise

Our commitment to education is reflected in our comprehensive fellowship programs offered in various medical fields. You’ll receive hands-on surgical experience, combined with a strong academic focus on research. 

These fellowships are completely free of cost, and our fellows are paid a monthly stipend, which reflects our dedication to supporting and encouraging medical education.

Minimally Invasive Surgery (Gynaecology)

(Course duration – 1 year)                                            Download Curriculum

Our one-year Fellowship in Minimally Invasive Surgery (Gynaecology) offers a comprehensive training program with highlights such as live demonstrations of various surgeries, hands-on experience in assisting and performing surgeries, and training in laparoscopy and endo surgeries. Fellows will also develop hand-eye coordination for 3D Laparoscopy and receive video sessions and faculty interactions.


Fellowship in ART & Infertility

(Course duration – 6 months)                            Download Curriculum

The Fellowship in ART & Infertility provides comprehensive training in Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) and infertility management, with a focus on effective counseling, peri-operative procedures, and fertility-enhancing therapies. Fellows will receive hands-on experience in various procedures, such as ovulation induction, embryo transfer, hormonal priming, and cryopreservation. The program also includes male infertility management, male and female donor protocols, as well as sonography and MRI reading, preconceptional investigations, pre-implantation genetic testing, and post-operative counselling.



Advance Antenatal Ultrasound and Foetal Medicine Fellowship

(Course duration – 6 months)                                   Download Curriculum

The Fellowship in Advanced Antenatal Ultrasound and Foetal Medicine offers hands-on training in performing and assisting various types of antenatal scans and invasive procedures. Fellows will have the opportunity to develop their hand-eye coordination and receive orientation on genetic counselling and invasive procedure counselling. Live demonstrations and video sessions with faculty members will provide a comprehensive learning experience. Upon completion, fellows will be equipped with the skills necessary to provide foetal medicine services and perform ultrasound guided invasive procedures, as well as provide genetic counselling and effective detection of genetic diseases in foetuses.



Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine (Gynaecology)

(Course duration – 6 months)                                   Download Curriculum

Our Fellowship in Aesthetic & Regenerative Medicine (Gynaecology) offers live surgery demonstrations, hands-on training, and experience in assisting during surgeries, working with vulva models, and using various modalities such as LASER, RF, and PRP. The program also focuses on developing skills in aesthetic gynaec surgeries and regenerative gynaecology, with video sessions and opportunities to interact with our experienced faculty.



Anaesthesia for Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)

(Course duration – 6 months)                                   Download Curriculum

The Fellowship in Anaesthesia for Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) is a program that trains participants in delivering anaesthesia for laparoscopic procedures. The curriculum includes lectures on various aspects of anaesthesia and laparoscopic surgery, such as ventilatory management, regional anaesthesia, and the use of imaging. The course also focuses on developing communication and assisting skills during surgeries, as well as perioperative management of high-risk patients and pain management.


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